Fun Shark Footage... Just Hanging Out

Surf assured, or not… LOL!



Thank you.

All the surfers apparently unaware of the shark being there reminds me that though I have not ever seen a great white, I likely have been seen by one.

Same goes for hikers/mountain bikers around here - you may not have seen a mountain lion, but they have probably seen you.


I think/hope you are right. More GWS sightings and farther north in New England waters.


True of most wild animals.

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From South Africa surf contest:



A ‘picky’ shopper (not interested in human meat).

I’ve wondered since they came on the scene why drones aren’t used to monitor popular beaches.
Just not enough incidents to make it worth while?

The creepy part of this video is that it is the same venue of the Mick Fanning’s infamous shark encounter in the midst of a comp:

I think drones will likely get used more with better technology. I think in some of the shark dense beaches, there are plane patrols. Obviously, drones would be cheaper and can be controlled by the local lifeguard contingent.


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I used to surf kayak at San Onofre quite a bit. Once a film crew was there for some kind of outdoor adventure program and they asked to film several of us. I caught the wave of the day and went ripping past the cameraman in the water. After they finished up he came over to me and asked me if I saw the shark where I tipped over after kicking off the back of the wave. He said it was a very long thresher shark and was only a few feet away from me.

After a while I got tired of surfing at San-O because of the very poor surf etiquette from the other paddle surfers and because of the crowds. The last year I surfed there, the locals had named two “pet” juvie great white sharks. I surfed near “Fluffy” a few times but it made me very uncomfortable. Last summer a great white juvenile broached within a few feet of some swimmers in Lajolla while I was watching about 100 ft away. The swimmers were unaware of what had happened, so I assume I’ve been closer to more GWSs than I care to think about. Right now we are having a lot of them off the coast in my favorite surf spots. If you enjoy shark videos from drones there is a guy in Malibu who has a fantastic youtube channel, I’ll post a link below.


Peter, more than just likely I would think in your area. Several years ago I was at Scott’s Creek surfing in a whitewater boat, I was the only kayaker out but there were some guys board surfing the same spot. A very very large dark creature swam underneath us. We all looked at each other like we had seen a sea monster and all of us headed for the beach simultaneously.

They are in use by some California Lifeguards now.

Great video! Should play the Jaws music after the opening line – “Summer is once again upon us…” LOL!

Like him, can’t help but “feel my heartbeat speed up” looking at how the shark is sometimes just right underneath/behind a surfer. As a fisherman, some of the fun is sight fishing and using a lure erractically to illicit a strike. In this case, the surfer is the lure…


I’ve bumped a few off with my dome port

I’m more nervous splashing on the surface than underwater

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Dome Port? Submersible ?

Don’t surf FLA…

(Not that I would. I visited once in my 66 years and happily ticked that off my list.)


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Underwater camera.

The trick to diving with sharks and getting good pictures is using a wide angle lens so they look further away!

The best place to see sharks IMO is Palau, a place called Blue Corner is like a freeway for sharks. You drift with the current and they swim against it. If they get too curious you bump them with the camera. :wink:

I used to take pictures for a speargun company and the divers would all chum the water.

Like this:


But bears scare me to death :woman_shrugging:


The water is getting to the high nineties right now, our folks live there.

Oh… Something I look forward to NOT doing… LOL!


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We saw so many signs about GW sharks at Cape Cod

We did see the seals swimming out there.

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My son and his family lives down the Cape and is about 30 minutes from Chatham (site of an infamous fatal GWS attack on a boogie boarder several years back). I also have a surf kayaking buddy who bought a house in Orleans, the town just north of Chatham. Despite many invitations to go surf down there, I have politely declined. Instead, I have hit the shores of the Cape and Cape Cod Canal pretty regularly with my surf rods! :slight_smile: