Funky Booties

What are you guy’s methods for keeping your kayak booties smelling fresh? Mine smells like funky corn chips. And my feet don’t stink either. There has to be a way, charcoal or something.


Funky booties

try mirazyme
bacteria odour eating enzymes for neoprene. works well.

Fresh water rinse, drain upside down for
a while, fold down shin part, place in sun w/a breeze blowing over them. Occasional rinse with a bit of Tide or like…

Going to look into the myra??? stuff too.

White vinegar
The commercial preparations work but cost more than they are worth. Plain ole white vinegar in the wash cycle of your washing machine will take care of it for next to nothing.

How Much?
Vinegar sounds like it’s worth a try. How much goes in a washer-load?



Rinsed & dry them as fast as possible!
In Humid S FL I do same as Onnopaddle in cooler SoCal. Only difference is here I have to get them into the AC or they never dry. Leaving them sit is what gets the stink on. Prevention is best - once they stink good luck. Products already mentioned sound like your best bet.

I have recovered an old pair from stink a few times with heavy cleaning/fully drying several cycles. That 2-3 year old pair smells like neoprene again (but still time to replace them! Easiest way to have new smelling booties is to buy new booties!).

White Vinegar
in the wash…then let them air dry in the sun with a dryer sheet inside. Leave the dryer sheet in them after they dry and until the next use. Dryer sheet will last about three or four outings before you need to replace.

I’m paying about 1.80/gallon
for white vinegar. Mirazyme looking pretty good at that price.

Half a cup or so.

Pert Plus
It’s really not all that hard to get the funk out of neoprene, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about with these specialty cleaners. I simply take mine into the shower with me and apply a liberal dose of shampoo (the crap I use even has conditioner in it!) and make sure it is thouroughly rinsed before drying.

No Fuss…
Paddle alone. Whatever stink is there fades into the background anyway once you get under way. Heck, maybe it even keeps the flies away, though it may be the exact opposite. In which case, paddle faster. :slight_smile:


i don’t clean em
it’s a badge of honor to have the nasiest, smelliest booties. besides, its incentive not to swim, as the group i paddle with has a rule that if you swim, you’ve gotta drink a booty beer. nothing like a luke-warm PBR mixed with river gristle out of a stinky booty.

wash them
The second thing I do after any kayk trip is to toss my PFD, paddle leashes, booties, etc into the bathtub.

Then when I’ve unloaded the rest of the boats and gear, I take a shower and give EVERYTHING a good rinse in the shower.

Then I hang them on the line and allow to dry.

It seems to work for me.

you wash yours?
what for? Don’t you want people to know the stench of your booties whenever they ride in your car. I think my wife called car talk twice begging them to call me and wash them!

Drying rack
Seakayaker Mag had a simple plan for a PVC pipe drying rack about a year ago, but you can come up with something custom if you have imagination.


I guess you guys do things different up
there ;0