Funny, harmless pranks on kayak buddies.

Do you folks have any fun pranks you play on your paddle friends?

My favorite is to wait until we're out in some deep water and very isolated. I sneak out a pint of pig's blood I get from the butcher and keep in the cooler on my SOT kayak. I'll pick a random moment then start screaming "F--KING SHARK!!!" as I burst the blood sac all over my face and upper torso. Then I go real quiet and kinda crumple forward and start twitching.

Always a classic...and all in good fun!


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That's really pushing the limits!

I carry a rubber fishing minnow with me. At lunch, I'll wade into the water a bit, and pretend to catch the minnow, flick it on the head to kill it, and pop it into my mouth. At no point during this do I cover myself in animal blood. :-)

BTW...could a bag of pig blood actually attract sharks???

The fun thing about pulling this prank off Fort Desoto or similar locations here in the St Pete area is that there really IS a chance of a shark being nearby!

The added fun is prepping the newbs on the drive out, telling the about “several shark sightings” in the last week. Just planting the seed, in a sense.

It’s usually me, my friend, and one newb position that gets rotated. When I pop the sac, my friend (who is also in on it) starts screaming like a schoolgirl and pretends to go into a panic attack where he just keeps screaming over and over…while I lie forward dripping in blood and slowly spasming.

So funny to see how the newbs react!

Don’t think it’s funny
Like crying wolf, what if really did happen, not out of the realm of possibility.

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not funny to me
although i have paddled with someone that made a dorsal fin out of minicell, weighted so it floats correctly and tows it behind his boat.

I think it’s funny in a way. Uh, for the uninitiated, where does one get pigs blood? Pigblood Depot?

Thats great
I think thats hilarious. I personally dont have that kind of commitment to a prank that I would splash pigs blood on me, but I applaud your determination.

Whats the best reaction you’ve gotten?

PS if you get eaten by a shark you were asking for it, but its worth the risk IMO.

Tsk Tsk
Play pranks on my paddling buddies?

You mean like sneaking up behind them and opening the drain plug on their kayak?

What kind of person would do such a thing?

we do that too
my daughter and I fould a battery-operated shark-fin.

We turn it on and tow it behind our kayaks so it looks like a shark is following us. When se stop, the moter makes the thing keep on moving.

We do thison inland fresh-water lakes IN THE DESERT and have had a number of people scream ‘shark!’.

That’s too much for me
Have you personally ever seen a person get seriously hurt? If you have, and and if you still think this is “all in good fun”, then in my opinion you have no heart. Evening finding out later that it was just a prank doesn’t undo that awful kick in the gut that the observer feels if they believe what they see is real. I simply can’t fathom the idea of wanting to make another person feel that way, even for a few seconds.

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You must post video!

I smell a troll !
Jack L

I occasionally take my PFD off
on land and pretend I’m going down for the 3rd time … in quicksand.

Of course, I guess that wouldn’t be as funny in Florida with all the sinkholes.

I’ll have to try that one …
… here on the Great Lakes …

Replace with, “F–KING STURGEON!!!”

Jeffrey Lee

Alas McGreevy, fellow of infinite jest
When we spent a week last year touring in Lake Superior’s Slate Islands, we camped near McGreevy Harbour, presumably named for an early settler. One evening, after perhaps too many sunset scotches, we agreed that one of the many wave-rounded stones on the beach resembled a human skull. We began referring to him as McGreevy.

One night as I went to bed, I moved McGreevy several feet up the trail toward the campsite. The next morning, he was near the campfire.

After dark, I moved him just outside my partner’s tent flap, and I may have heard my buddy stub his toe and curse during his 2AM pee break.

The next morning, as we packed the kayaks to depart, I discovered McGreevy lolling in my seat.

I helped McGreevy make his way into my buddy’s bow hatch and made him comfortable beneath a warm fleece. But later, as we both shoved off and turned to go, alas I spied McGreevy perched atop a tree stump on the shore, seeing us off.

McGreevy spoke not a word of the matter, and neither did we …

Jeffrey Lee

Fishing line Rubber snake

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Have tied a rubber sake to fishing line the attached it to the back of kayaks. amazing how much people remember what you showed them. when they think the snake is after them. have not done that since I stoped helping on kayak trips.
One accidental joke was a loon call\wolf howl ring tone. was using each as a alarm setting. PJC seemed surprised to hear a loon call when he was camping in mo.

He is still there as of last week
but the resident caribou have nibbled a bit on his lichen.

Yeah, I take up space on the wrong

Isn’t there
a fine for feeding them?

you think the caribu took a lichen to him?