Fury Canoe

A friend of ours gave us a 17’ aluminum canoe that he bought in 1968! The ID plate in the canoe is from Fury Boats, New Paris, IN.

Does anyone know if the company still exists? Or was it bought out by another company? I was wondering what it would compare to if I were to try to sell it?

Alu canoes were common in the
’60’s. It could be sold as a planter or compost bin or perhaps as much as a hundred bucks or so if it functions as a canoe.

Depends on condition. Have you floated it?

Price depends
Depends on where you live…

Around this area they generally go for $300-$600. Quite a few are camo painted, and usually come with “oars”.

Fury Canoe

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Thanks for you note!

This canoe is in very good contition and has been camo painted by the owner! Canoeing folks here in southern WI are not too different from our neighbors! We nave never owned an aluminum canoe, we like the lighter weight materials. Our Old Towne is 47 lbs!

I agree
Not everyone hates aluminum canoes with such passion so ignore the insult above and set an asking price that you won’t regret later. I’ve also seen good aluminum canoes sold for $300 to $600.

Just curious, what Old Town do you own
that’s 47 pounds? The 12’ Pack is even lighter, though not light for its length.

I think you might get 300 to 500 for the Fury, in Georgia, if you were patient. I sold a very sound Old Town Tripper for $350 to some fishermen, but I’m famous for charging to little.

new ones cost a Grand to $1200 …

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...... I'll see an older used Grumman or similar alum. canoe sell for $350 quite often . Just as many go for less also . Auction style sale , so that's a good indicator of what perspective buyers want to pay . If not all dented up , I'd stay in the 300.-350. range . And amazing to me , most of the decent condition alum. canoes seem to sell pretty quick , so there is a definate strong market there .

The older alum. canoes seemed to have a bit thicker gauge metal compared to the new ones .