Fuse 64


question about this boat. For the foot rest. Does it just come with foam blocks? or do some people not use anything. Silly question I know, but never had this type of kayak.



Per Wavesport
it comes with foam blocks and shims to adjust to fit.

Scroll down to see the PDF and a short video.


Or, get Jackson Happy Feet

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For a quick fit with no fiddling with foam pieces (1/2 inch makes a huge difference in fit).

You really do want to have something there or you will be very uncomfortable paddling it; and it will actually be dangerous in terms of injury to your feet if you hit something or when you go vertical repeatedly if you don't have anything in it.

However, based on your question, why are you looking at the Fuse? Unless you specifically want a very short and playful river runner (which is actually what a lot of people do want, nothing wrong with this), you probably want something else...

I have a Liquid logic xp 10 now. I’m going to be taking a kayak class this winter, and I want to start doing some white water trips with the club. I see a few of them based on the photos have this type of boat. Looks like fun, but I have never been in one like this. I’m not going to be anything until the class starts and they can point me in the right direction.


White water boat outfitting
Most WW boats come with some kind of outfitting but the expectation of boaters is that you will have to modify it, replace it, tweak it to suit you. Boats like the XP10 come with decent outfitting to start with but even then need some adjustment and/or modification. So don’t be afraid to experiment and do some internet searches about outfitting. In the end you will be much happier in your boat and safer besides.

It comes with foam blocks and they are layers so you can adjust the size and fit. They are angled perfectly for comfort. I put the first one in with sticky velcro and then the other two stacked to the first with sticky velcro. That way the size could be changed when swapping it with my son. You could easily glue them also. I have used it without anything to hold them but feared I would lose them in a bad swim. NICE BOAT!!

thanks for the info…