Fuse 64

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Any one have one? Like it? I think I'm leaning towards one. I always inbetween sizes. but this might be a good fit for my 1st play boat / river runner. I'm 5'7" and weight 210 with out any gear.

I'm new to white water, but can roll good.. I'm looking for a river running and for surfing, but want to be able to learn the tricks like stern squirts ect.

what do you think about the fit?


any thoughts



4 sizes - different molds ?
Fuse 35 = length 5’ 10" width 23"

Fuse 48 = length 6’ 4" width 24.5"

Fuse 56 = length 6’ 6" width 25"

Fuse 64 = length 7’ 0" width 26"

They’re hoping to sell a lot of these,

I guess because they put some investment

into making them ?

Mine is for sale …
… It’s in the classifieds: ad ID 78688 from 1-17-2013.

This was my second WW boat and it taught me a lot. Should be perfect for your weight as a very playful river runner/large playboat. You got to sit in it to make sure you fit comfortably.

Other than flatwater cartweels and loops you can do anything else in it that you can do in a playboat - just need a bit more water flow. And you can surf larger/smoother waves that playboats can’t catch because they are too slow.

Good boat - probably the most playful of the short-ish river-play variety (compare to Jackson SuperFun for instance, which is very similar).