Anybody paddling that has had neck fusion? My other half has has fusion on lower back 3 4 & 5, she can paddle with no trouble at all. But her neck is giving her alot of pain down one arm. They are going to try to remove bone spurs first to releave the pain. Hope that help, if not next step is fusion.


You are very fortunate
to be able to get that taken care of. My wife paddles as best she can and she had two of her vertebrae removed. She has insurance and all but I don’t. I have a real messed up back and neck but no insurance or money to get my spinal problems fixed (if there really is such a thing).

Once the old bod starts to wear out it takes a lot of $ or ya just put up with a lot of pain. My left arm goes numb all the time ! Welcome to the “getting old” club ! Tell your other half to try acupuncture or massage/relaxation techniques and if that doesn’t work try moving to the country and live slow because stress makes those spinal problems worse for some reason.

My primary paddling partner had
a neck fusion. Her left arm would become barely functional after a few miles, but now that has greatly improved.

I’ll E-mail this post to her. She may have some additional comments.

Had that
to ,Ive had 2 disc in my neck done and It doesnt bother my paddling,

The trick is that you cant turn and see whats behind you.

They will be calling her stiff neck

Cevical Stenosis…
I have cervical stenosis in my upper spine/neck area…a condition I was born with…I had 2 disks repaired with a metal plate a couple of years ago, and now have some signs of it in 2 more…but it doesn’t stop me from paddling! As one other person noted, you are not able to turn around as far but you learn to adapt. I did find that the traction and exercises they use in physical therapy helped tremendously. But fortunately paddling did not cause any problems…so enjoy!!

As String said, I had gotten to the
point where I couldn’t paddle with my left arm anymore from the collapsed disc at C4-C5. I could tolerate the chronic pain (with help from Lortab), but when it started messing up my fun, I got serious and had surgery in 2004. They replaced the disc with a donor bone and put in a metal plate with 4 screws. No need for a neck brace that way. I haven’t noticed any limitation in neck movement at all. It was a good choice for me, and I was back to work in two weeks (probably should have waited 3, but I didn’t have much choice with my job.)

I wouldn’t hesitate to to it again if it starts to affect function.


Yep, been there. Had 2 discs removed and laminoplasty plus titanium plate on the C-3, C-4, C-5 vert. I was a competitor in solo open canoe.

I agree with potterypoint(?) I’m not much on turning my head to see what’s behind, but I’m still paddling forward.

Keep on keepin on.