futura 15 weight range

Was looking for a first surf ski, the futura 15 looked cool but I couldn’t find the suggested paddler weight range for it anywhere. Does anyone know what the suggested paddler weight range for the futura 15 is?


Stay away from it
Futura build sucks. I take on water through the the box that houses the rudder pedals.

you mean YOUR Futura sucks,mine is a 1997 F II and is bone dry even after plowing head first into waves, getting hammered by beam waves and generally swamping the boat…

So, IMO , Futura ( Huki)do make some quality boats- I just think buyer must beware when buying used…

I know of several Huki’s that are dry and maybe three Futura’s with intermittent problems…

2nd Futura with the same problem
They suck.

ok…futura is out
Are there any you would recommend?

Just got this one
Fenn Mako XT…

Only been out once, but it gets good reviews.



Buyer beware when new.
I have had three Futura IIs and had quality problems with all three of them. I love the design of the Futura II but would not recommend them to someone unless you can pick it up in person and inspect it first. Leaks and rudder problems are rather common with them.

Futura II
I looked at a used one and begged off.

Look at the crack in the deck…



Thouroughly paddled and inspected this
boat when I got it and it was fine. Out paddling last week and heard a crack at the foot peg. Had about 2 gallons of water after 2 -3 miles. Glad I wasn’t out further or doing a Catalina crossing. The water in the cockpit test at home shows it is the the pedal housing and it will not be easy to get at. I am pretty bummed because I liked how the ski paddles and it would have been an excellent guest boat.