Futura building Hukis?

I checked out the Futura site and they seem to have some Huki models. Are the also licensed to build them, or are they building them for Jude also?

Whats the deal?

Huki built - Futura marketed. NM

That and Huki DID NOT build all
those early model Futuras either.

Hukis are the best built skis and OCs out there.

I see.
Like Findeisen building and Venturesort marketing. Interesting. Last time I was at Joe’s Futura shop he was building anything and everything fiberglass, from surf skis to custom hotrod car hoods, etc.


Couldn’t figure out why I kept seeing so many Futura boats around here, then I found out they’re located just a few blocks away from my house.

Northern Cal?
Are they not in San Diego anymore?

Not for a while now.
Pretty sure Joe is still there building aquarium tanks or something he is better at.