Futura Spear surf ski questions

-- Last Updated: Jan-29-09 7:48 PM EST --

Came across a pretty well used Futura Spear in what I think is fiberglass but cheap and in reasonably good condition. 16'x19", probably an older version with round hatch & no ventury drain.

Question is, will I significantly overload it at my 185lb before gear? That is for the purposes of learning to paddle it in flat water initially, then may be no more than 3' short wind waves?

Fit seems OK in terms of leg and seat (though it remains to be seen if it will rub my seat bones or not after some time on the water)...

Also, if you've paddled this, how would you say its stability compares to say an Epic 18x or KayakPro Nemo/Marlin? I'm going to try it in a pool soon but curious now -;)

Lastly, will the lack of a drain be a significant issue in the above-mentioned conditions?