Futura Sport 15 or QCC 400X?

I am starting to give some thought to my next boat… I currently paddle a scupper pro when paddling in the ocean.

I am looking for a boat that will be faster, and not just safe, when paddling with others over longer distances. My scupper has allowed me to develop the confidence to get out on the ocean, and now I know I love it! Our local ocean can through some curves, and so my first inclination is to try and find a higher performance SOT in a composite, preferably kevlar, for ease of reentry and physical comfort while paddling. Unfortunately, there are very few.

I do know that I want a boat in the 14-16 foot range designed for light touring, mostly long days trips, and perhaps some shorter camping trips. I prefer a design that doesn’t require a rudder, as I prefer paddling without one (ended up taking it off my scupper). I want a boat with good secondary stability, but I want to be able to stop moving when “sightseeing” without fear of dumping. The boat I am looking for should handle swells 2-4 ft, as I am likely to encounter them.

I have spent the last year learning about the ocean, and becoming a safer, better informed paddler, while getting better with my forward stroke. I would like my next boat to challenge me to develop my paddling skills further. I am taking a class on self rescue and assisted rescues for SINK’s Sat. 8/17, but don’t feel like I ever want to paddle in a boat or in conditions that require a bomb proof roll.

This is becoming way too long…

Anyway, I did locate a “surfski” by Futura called the Futura Sport 15. It is really more like an SOT at 15 feet long, and with a 24 inch beam. It has an apporx. 240# weight capacity and weighs only 38# in kevlar. They have a hatch and deck bag option that would make it work for my intentions. Due to some of it’s surfski features it should be fun to paddle in the ocean, and because of it’s hull design and waterline, it should be a fast little boat, and a good size for me. It does have a rudder, but all of Futura’s boats do.

In researching all of these things however, the QCC 400X also kept coming up, despite the fact that it isn’t an SOT. It has many of the design features I am looking for as well. It is also of similar dimensions, and has the option of no rudder. I do get hot sometimes in a closed deck boat, but it’s fun to end your paddle dry:) However, I confess to not minding getting wet when paddling, since I have spent the last year learning how to get wet, while staying warm. My scupper has forced me to dress for immersion!

I am hoping to test paddle boats soon, and to keep working on my skills while learning more about my prefernces. When making my choice, I hope to discover which boat will not only best help me keep up, and be fun to paddle, but will also help me move from beginner to intermediate paddler over the next couple of years.

I really liked Phil(QCC rep)when I spoke with him on the phone. He referred me to a local paddler I know (Glenn) who paddles this boat. The Futura rep will be in Santa Cruz for the Lobster Row Sunday 10/6. They have also been quite helpful in answering my questions. Two good companies, two well-crafted boats…

I realize I might be comparing apples and oranges here, but I would love feedback from more experienced paddlers as to how the two boats might compare, given what I am looking for.



I already paddle my SOT

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in cold water and weather, our water temp maxes out at 56 degrees in the summer and sometimes dips as low as mid-40's. I plan to use my new boat for light touring. I really like my SOT, but need a faster boat.I don't really plan to surf, buy need to deal that can handle our local ocean and swells.

Hope that clarifies things a bit...

The 600 is deinitely too big
for my size/needs, but it would be great to paddle sometime locally so I could check out your boat. I haven’t met a QCC owner yet who hasn’t been very happy with their boat:)

Thanks everyone for replying…
and also to some of my neighbors who are willing to let me test paddle both their QCC’s. A few points to clarify the issues a bit…my reason for wanting a boat in the 14-16 foot range has to do primarily with the fact that I am not a big person. If I was taller or heavier, I would be thinking of a boat in the 18 foot range. Also, I don’t plan to go on any multi-day expeditions.

As for the SINK vs SOT choice…I really don’t mind dealing with the water temps here, as I have to dress for immersion anyway, and would feel compelled to, no matter what type of boat I am paddling (just my cautious nature, I guess!). I am actually hoping I won’t feel too hot in a SINK for this reason, as I am inclined to think it would be the next logical choice for me, and offer more versaility, given the boats that I currently have.

Truthfully, I have to find out a bit more about my fear of entrapment. For some reason, the idea of being underwater, upside down in a boat really bugs me, and I have to find out if will ease with more practice/skill. I was always a good swimmer as a kid, and swam a lot, but have some uncomfortable memories of being held under water, that I completely forgot about until I started thinking about a SINK:)I am a health care provider by profession, and feeling calm in a an emergency is very important to me and my confidence. I need to find out if I can develop the same degree of confidence in a SINK, while paddling in the ocean. I don’t want to feel anxious-I want to have a good time! I have discovered I really enjoy paddling with others who like to paddle longer distances than the typical 2-5 miles I usually paddle.

Seems like Linda B. is also thinking of sink, and I posted a response…I passed along the info that Patrick of ONNO paddles also makes custom yaks. The website lists the orice at $1500 for a fiberglass boat and $1750 for a fiberglass boat-built to your specifications and the deal includes a pair of ONNO paddles. Anyone have experience with these boats they care to share? I have really enjoyed chatting with Patrick via email as I would like hime to make me a pair of paddles. I don’t know anyone personally paddling one of his boats, so would love to hear from others. I can probably get down to San Doego to test paddle one of his boats within a few months.

Also, Glenn, thanks again for your offer to let me test paddle your boat. I will take you up on that in the near future. As for me having several boats…I don’t really think of the pungo as my boat. I knew this question of a higher performance boat was going to be coming up for me sometime in the near future when I suddenly needed a smaller boat for family vacations with the sailboat. I ended up with a pungo because my at least then my beloved dog would be able to join me, and it didn’t break the bank to purchase one. That said, you can think of it as Angus’ boat, and I will try not to lament the fact that I have already spent over $600 on a boat this year, for a yak that I didn’t really want or need this year, in order to be a good mom and wife…This next boat will be a boat for me, and I don’t anticipate needing another boat for a good long while. I am not planning on doing any serious whitewater-unless I am on a raft with a reputable outfitter!