Futura Sport15

Is this boat really a surfski at 15ft long and 24 inches wide? These dimesnions would lead me to believe it might not be so tippy and diffuclt to paddle as a more traditional surfski. Is there something about the hull shape I am not understanding that makes it more of a surfski than a really lightweight SOT? I was sort of thinking it might be like a hybrid boat that has some of the features of both, but would like to hear from people with more knowledge or experience with this than me.

In looking for faster, performance SOT’s made out of composite materials for touring, I stumbled across info on this boat. I am certainly not ready for a surkski, or any boat for that matter-just gathering info :slight_smile:

I have a deal with myself to improve my paddling technique as much as I can over the next year, with classes and time on the water, and to research and demo as many boats as I can manage, so that in another year, I may have a better idea of how I want to deal with trying to keep up with touring SINK’s on day tours in our local ocean during group paddles.

This boat has a hatch and can be made in kevlar, and then weighs in at 28#! Maybe someting like this would work??? I know it’s expensive, but it is the only SOT I could find that was still in production, wasn’t 18ft long, or plastic and rather heavy, that has the potential for some speed. (BTW, did see a used one for sale in San Diego if anyone is interested)

At this point, I am still wanting an SOT for reasons of comfort and ease of re-entry, and am not planning on making the move to SINKs. I am taking a class on assisted rescues and wet exits and rentries for SINKs, and may take some classes on bracing while renting a sink as my scupper is just so stable:)

Looking forward to hearing from those of you with some exoerience with these boats.

Thanks to evreyone for sharing their

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experiences with this boat with me! It's good to know Vince is a nice guy and helpful when working with him.

Chuck I would love to test paddle one on Tahoe! Of course I will probably fall right off into the cold water:)

I’lhold off on test paddling one for now

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if you don't currently have one. I am not going to be buying another boat for awhile (at least months). I need to catch up financially from all of of our other boat purchases and vacations this year:)

Good to know Futura usually has used boats or ones with minor flaws that they sell at a reasonable cost!

The scupper
is a good all round SOT for touring and camping, and handles swells and small waves well, but the hull shape, and the fact that it is plastic make it not as fast as some of the other boats. The tarpon seems quite a bit faster, and I have heard the seadart is as well.

I would think the futura 15 would have such a different waterline due to the hull shape differences, coupled with three inches less width, that it would feel faster than the scupper. Plus,it can be made in kevlar and then weighs in at a mere 28#! There is a 16 foot futura as well, but it looks to my uneducated eye a lot more like a surfski. I’ll have to drop them a line and see what they suggest.

I don’t ever intend to keep up with Chuck or Mark in open ocean:) But at some point I think I am going to want a like a faster boat for paddles in the ocean and on large bodies of open water. I also imagine that a narrower boat, with a faster hull shape, would probably challenge me to become a more skillfull paddler, as my boat is so stable.

I do think I prefer a boat in the 14-16 foot range for all sorts of reasons, and probably wouldn’t do myself any favor by getting a boat that is too much for me to try and keep moving forward. I defintely want to keep paddling an SOT on open ocean, for reasons of comfort and ease of re-entry. That is an important confidence builder for me, that helps me feel safe enough to go places I might not go otherwise.

Heritage was making the nomad in lighweight materials and seemed like a good touring/light touring boat for people of my size, but they have stoped making it. I managed to get my scupper from my car to the launch ramp using only the the thigh straps on Sat., and it was manageable for me at about 55# sans rudder. I have a cart, but don’t like to use it to go 10 feet from car to launch site-unless I find a boat I really fall in love with on the water! I think I am at about my weight limit with the scupper. I can cartop easily now with the racking system, but a boat much heaavier would alway require that I get assistance.

BTW, the scupper paddled great on Saturday without the rudder and it is also nice to see that you got out to the slough!

There are some people needing to rent kayaks, so you may want to post your offer on the Tahoe thread. I will have either my scupper, or most likely the pungo 120, as it’s what fits on the sailboat. Hopefully, I won’t be too far behind you folks:)