Future Beach Mariner 10.4 question

-- Last Updated: Dec-31-14 3:39 PM EST --

I just got this Kayak for x-mas. Would I need to add floatation bags if I am going to use the kayak for lakes or streams.

maybe, maybe not
Need depends on how you use it. The boat should have enough flotation that it won’t sink when you flip over. But it likely does not have enough to allow you to get back in it while on the water. So if you can swim to shore, then float bags wouldn’t be needed. But if you can’t get to shore, then it could be a life threatening situation.

Does that kayak model have bulkheads? - it’s not obvious from their website but I suspect not.

If your use is in warm water only, and you’ll always be within swimming distance from shore, then you probably don’t need flotation bags. It’s supposedly a very stable kayak but if you are farther from shore than you can swim, and you do tip it then things could get nasty.

Ya, I of right now I am looking to stay in a couple of lakes that are close by. No bulkhead. New to all of this. Just want to make sure everything is done right in the beginning. thanks for the help.

If the bottom is
beyond seeing then buy/make bags


Seattle Fabrics and NRS have vinyl, vynabond glue and valves to fab bags.

Fill a heavy leaf bag with shipping peanuts ?

Stopper 2 or more gallon water jugs, weight down on a cord for a floating anchors or separate with a 10’ or more furring strip, place in water. Practice turns around these pylons.

Then I would say…
…just be prudent.

You should be fine, but don’t put anything in the kayak that you wouldn’t mind getting wet (or buy a good dry bag) and always wear a PFD.