Future Greenland Trip

Hi Guys and Gals, a friend of mine and I are tentatively planning a trip and would like to know what pitfalls to avoid traveling there. I live in Arizona and specifically would like air travel advice, best places to fly from and to with an eye on costs, how did you stay there, best ways to get around there, etc. So if you have made trip, please let me know and super thanks.

try qajaqUSA
You might get some useful travel tips if you also post over on the QajaqUSA site forum (http://www.qajaqusa.org)

There are a number of folks over there who have traveled to Greenland to kayak and even some native Greenlanders who post regularly on the site.

You could try

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You could try contacting Alison Sigethy. She is a member of Qajaq USA and has traveled there in the past. She gave a slide show presentation of her trip at the Hudson River Greenland Festival and it was incredible.



Also Post in main forum …
Search in the main forum for Greenland. A former Pnetter posted her trip report early this year or last year. I have not seen many posts from her after that. Suspected she graduated to better things…