Future of Perception Swifty

At the risk of opening the door to a lot of anti-rec boat comments, I have a question about the Swifty. I have a friend who is looking at them. She will be using it on relatively calm rivers and small lakes. Am I correct that Dick’s is the only place selling them now? I heard that Perception was going to discontinue them. Is that true? She wants to know if they’ll still be around next year. She can’t afford to buy now. And yes, it is a friend – not me. I already own a Swifty and have had it for six years and still have fun with it when I’m not in my 16foot fiberglas sea kayak.

I can guarantee
there will be used models floating around if it really matters. And Perception will likely have a replacement model if they don’t already.


Perception has very few models, these
days http://www.perceptionkayaks.com/product_homepage/index/products

already gone…
I picked one up cheap I think it was two years ago. They were on clearance at EMS because they were being discontinued. I think the Prodigy was supposed to replaced it. Maybe Dick’s is selling the old Swifty under a different name?

I also heard the Prodigy replaced it.
I’ve had mine for almost 9 years, and still have fun with it when I’m not in my sassy little Vermont Tupper. I’ll never sell it.

Ah, the SWIFTY…
While the SWIFTY that DICK’s is selling still has the PERCEPTION sticker on it, it’s not really made by PERCEPTION anymore. “ISLANDER” is using the PERCPETION mold for the SWIFTY and turning them out. This is the case with many popular kayak models over time.

I do own an “ISLANDER” PERCPETION SWIFTY that I got at DICKs for just over $200. You might be able to find a used one cheaper. It’s NOT the greatest little boat in the world, but properly outfitted It can be fun. I have installed floatbags, a sprayskirt, and a 2.2 sq. meter PA SAIL… it goes like hell in high winds. :wink:

Look at some of the other comparable DICKS kayaks while yer at it… They Sell a FIELD & STREAM 9 1/2’ model called “eagle run” or some such. It’s a bit cheaper, and actually a little more narrow than the SWIFTY (maybe faster to paddle?).

There will always be USED Swifty’s to be had.


Perception SPARKY’s are what we have
They are exactly like the swifty but with a hard seat (which i prefer by adding a nice gel yak pad) We bought EMS ones in 05 i think which had rigging on the bow (an extra) but if looking used - perception sparky or swifty are basically the same little boat.

weight limit
anyone know the true weight limit on the swifty? I’ve seen 250 and 350. I can hardly believe it would be 350

I go 280 on a bad day and my Swiftys handle it great