Fuzzed Kevlar inside a canoe ...

I pulled up some minicell to install some knee strap anchors under it. In the course of getting all the contact cement off the area, the kevlar fuzzed. I will be installing the minicell back down over the fuzzed area (with holes cut out to expose the anchor). But my question is this, should I cover the fuzzed area with S glass before installing the anchors and putting the minicell back down?

It seems like it would be a good idea. But if you think I’m being too compulsive …

Paint it with resin

Not of any real consequence. I have
Kevlar fuzz where my feet scrub around during kneeling. I wouldn’t worry about it unless it looked like you had cut more deeply into the fabric. In that case, you could paint on some resin like CE suggested.

Thanks Charlie
I was just trying to avoid the little sharpies by covering it with FG. I was just thinking about how tough it would ever be to get the contact cement cleaned off the hull again with it sticking to the fuzz or sharpies.

No, nothing major. Just some peach fuzz.

A nice way to finish is to use neat
resin or add ply of glass over. Then squeegee over a pice of peel ply or wrinkle free, 4mil plastic … comes out perfect. With the peel ply its 'prepped ’ for bonding.

Thanks Pat
I was thinking of using peel ply. Now I will :slight_smile:

This is hearsay
but I have been told by several people that “fuzzy kevlar” will wick water. Another good reason to resin coat the loose ends if ture.

Suburban myth. It will not wick water
into intact laminate. Consider that many slalom racing boats have exposed Kevlar inner layers. Slalom boats are weighed at every competition, and if water were wicking through the entire laminate, the gain in water weight would be noticed immediately.

easy fix…
clean well and paint a layer of epoxy over the top. That will seal it and paste the fuzz back down.

do not sand it first
Sanding kevlar will make the fuzz worse, don’t sand first.

Bill H.