Fuzzy Kevlar

I gave my clearcoat kevlar canoe a good lick yesterday on a rock I didn’t see. The bow has a real small area (the size of a pea) that got banged up and I can feel a bit of fuzziness when I run my finger over it. What is the best method to reseal this area – epoxy, polyurethane, marine varnish? I’ve heard of people using a lot of different stuff on kevlar. The area is so small I wonder if the 5 minute epoxy that comes in a syrine might work. Thanks!!

definately cover with plastic
if you just put epoxy on it it’ll be a sharp bump that will get fuzzy again

For what it is worth
I have been using the five minute epoxy for quite a few years for just that, and I have noticed that the little repair will chip off after a year or so.

A few months ago the folks at Wenonah told me to use “polyester” epoxy and it won’t chip off.