Fuzzy Rubbers?

My MIL bought be a kayak-aholic shirt. What exactly is a fuzzy rubber?

Uh-oh. Do you really want to know?

something you’ll only use once

light thermal protection
Fuzzy Rubber is a compromise that gives some thermal protection without being heavy neoprene.

It has a place but I can’t say I am in love with it.

I prefer Goretex and a dry suit most of the time.

I think it would be uncomfortable in a warm place and for where I paddle (cold water)it is just a little light on the protection side.

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Don’t use it better alternatives exist
Spring is the most difficult time to dress for water temps being cold and air warm. Or summer on frigid lakes.

Neoprene and drysuits ok if u can roll to cool off but expensive.

Hence folks try fuzzy rubber. But it is minimally insulative and evaorative cooling can be big in it.

Better to use something like hydroskin when water is above 55 but still can make u hypothermic. It has .5 mm neoprene as


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