FYI: At least some 2017 Waggoner Tables have misprint for first part of September

In the course of exploring the Canadian current charts for the San Juan Islands area, I noticed that the Waggoner tables I purchased a few months ago had incorrect data for September 1 - 11. I was tipped off by incorrect days-of-the-week for those 11 days; when I looked more closely I saw that some of the actual data was clearly wrong.

I found a corrected September page available for download from their web site: (It doesn’t mention anything about it being a correction, and the dowload requires signing up for their newsletter. It took about 24 hours before I got an email with the download password and was able to check and confirm that the downloaded PDF has data that looks correct to me. (It’s certainly completely different data from the printed copy I purchased; it has the correct weekdays listed, and the data looks reasonable compared to the surrounding data.)

If you have these tables, I recommend checking to see if the weekdays listed for Sept 1 - 11 are incorrect; if so, mark it out so you don’t rely on that data.


Oof. While, I no longer need those, they were very useful when I was in the PNW.

If you have not already done so, your post would be especially useful over on the West Coast Paddler site,

Ah, thanks for the pointer. I’ve just posted this info there. (In the Gear forum, since that seemed most appropriate, though I do wonder if that might not be so prominent, and it warrants posting in a more broadly-frequented forum.)