FYI Mukluks on Sale

FYI for anyone in the market for a new pair of mukluks:

REI has their Chota “Light” Mukluk paddling boot on sale for $44.83…32% off the regular price of $66.00. Shipping charges vary. I ordered mine Monday and they were delivered today.

Are those actually water-“Proof”?
ie, they keep your feet bone dry, or just keep them warm when wet?

Bone Dry…
I have them and they are PROOF.

My wife wanted to know what to get me for Christmas. Here’s a start!

That’s a pretty good deal.
I have a pair of these and I LOVE them.

They’ve always kept my feet warm and dry.


Shhhh, don’t tell my wife!!

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But guess what she is now getting for Christmas. I called REI and alledgedly got the last pair of size 7's. She has been borrowing mine the last couple of times out and really likes them. I have had mine for about 5 years now and they have held up just great.

PLUS, you can get a 10% rebate from Chota if you are a Paddling Perks Member! Double SCORE!!

Oh, and there are NO shipping fees if you can pick them up at a local REI store. Mine is about 1.5 miles from my office and will be delivered by the end of the month.

Thanks for the heads up!!!

Tis the season to be jolly, . . . . . . .

Dry except when
you get in water above the tops of them.

Even though water may come in over the top, your feet will stay fairly warm.

I wear mine from fall through early spring.

In the winter and depending on the temps, I put on 1 0r 2 pair of socks (one lightweight and the other heavy) and add a set of neoprene socks. It also helps in the winter if you do use a spray skirt, even if it’s nylon.

Winter’s on its way, but don’t stop paddling until the river’s are frozen.

Happy paddling. Next week is the annual day after Thanksgiving run on the Rogue River in Rockford, MI.

i like mine
so much i hate to take them off. very comfy and waterproof

I ordered a new pair. Mine are getting pretty old and have been resealed at the sole.

Chota Mukluks
These are Great!! They don’t leak if the top gasket is against bare skin and tightened down; but if you tuck your pants leg inside of them it’s a poor seal. I found that out early last spring when I tripped over an animal trap and fell in the river; but that, is another story.

Mine Came Today
The REI sale price was impossible to beat but I had to pay the 5 or so bucks shipping (no REI close).

Anyway, I’m going to wear them OVER my dry pants. My dry top goes over the dry pants.

My size 10’s are more like a size 11, which I was told by ya’ll prior to ordering, but my scuba socks will fit in them just fine.

Order a size smaller if you’ll only be summer paddling. And wear a FULL drysuit if you’ll be far from shore or help during the winter.


Lucky woman your wife. What a great gift.

Got my C-lites last December & they really are

that warm and waterproof. Like the low profile too - not a lot of extra bumping around over the footpegs.

Wear a woman’s size 5 or 5.5 so I ordered the men’s 5 (a woman’s 6). Since I’ve got a thick wool or woolblend sock in the bootie the fit is good -not slippy - but if I did have to get them off with one hand I could.

Wear them over my drysuit with booties so it isn’t waterTIGHT at the calf but they are waterPROOF stepping out in the water to get in or out of the boat. Also have worn them over my 3/2 Farmer Jane in rocky beachy areas - great foot protection and neo over neo fits snugly.

I wear mine
when shoveling snow . . . I love warm feet!!!