FYI..NY Rt.28 old forge area

hi all…just A heads up that Rt. 28 from blue mountain lake, NY into Inlet,NY is torn up for road recond. and repaving, something like 20 -28 miles of road. expect slow traffic and lengthy delays for quite awhile.

for the info. Heading out to Forked Lake in a couple weeks. Maybe the conditions will improve by then.

Got any idea on the work schedule ?
I hope it gets done before the 90 miler in September.



FYI…NY Rt.28 old forge area
Gee, I didn’t think that road was that bad when I was up there last year. As long as there done by Labor day. Speaking of the 90 miler where do they end the first day on Blue Mountain Lake at SteamShip Landing?


SR28 ???
I drove Rt 28 yesterday from just outside of Inlet (jct w/ CR14 exiting Moose River plains) east to Blue Mt Lake & saw no sign whatsoever of road construction.

There are some “rough rd” signs in this area. Perhaps the work is West of Inlet ?

Seems like it is a public beach
Pray for no quartering in your face winds like the two years before last.

Last year was a delight for the last several miles.




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All I've noticed is the work in front of the Blue Mtn Lake beach area, where we sometimes park to launch.

DOT website

To quote from the website

“NY 28

road construction, right shoulder closed, single line traffic alternating directions, right lane closed on NY 28 from NY 30; NY 28N; Blue Mountain Lake to CR 19 until 3:30 PM, 11/30/09

Comment: Shoulders closed at intersection at culvert.”

That does not mean that there is actually anything going on in real life though.