FYI>roller for loading SUV

Hi all, just wanted to pass on this link …it’s a roller that fits in the rear door top slot, between door and body,of a SUV or any other vehicle with a rear door. I use it on a Saturn Vue and it sure helps loading a kayak up onto saddles by yourself.I haven’t seen these on other web sites, so i thought i’d pass it on to all…they will mail order them to you.

suv kayak roller
I also bought one. Very substantial and well made. Makes loading big kayaks much more secure onto my tall van. Less than the cost of one body shop repair bill to be sure.

I added a bathmat to the fit to hang out the end of the door and provide extra protection.

kayak roller

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Has anyone used this with the Thule J-cradles? I was thinking of getting one for a mini van.


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this doesnt work on my roof. i have 2 sets of racks and they are offset from the rear door so i cant roll straight up onto the saddles. I made one from pvc and made it to accomodate the saddles being offset. (they are mallone seawings and the outer half actually reaches over the roof rails. It is very portable and works perfect.