G-flex newfound uses.

bought this to patch a hole in a royalex canoe that started the season off by seal launching into a rock. Since then I’ve used g-flex to PERMANENTLY affix my rear view to the windshield, after other adhesives let loose after a real hot day. Metal to glass.

Also stopped my U.S. Racks rack from squeaking by bonding the legs to the base with a little strip of glass around the joint. Metal to Metal

Sealed up the gunwales on my Millbrook Flashback which were starting to get punky in a few spots, after aplying some git-rot, which I also used on a french door. Wood.

Verrrrry cool
thanks for the suggestions!

plastic decked honda lawnmower
I’ve got a 15 year old Honda push mower with plastic deck. They tend to crack near the wheels at stress points. A little G-Flex and fiberglass has held all season with no signs of fatigue.

I used polyester resin and glass years ago to rebuild the skimmer basket and pump housing on my pool. Pools…parts as expensive as marine hardware, but built to break.