G Flex question

Looking for some help from the adhesive gurus here. What I’m trying to do is attach the vinyl mounting patches for a North Water Under Deck Bag to a poly boat without drilling holes in the deck and bolting a la North Water’s directions. Allegedly no other adhesives will stick reliably to bond these two materials. I’ve read good things about G Flex, but have no experince with it. Anybody think/know it will work for this? I know, I’m a wuss. I just can’t get into drilling holes in the deck.

I think it will work, but there are
some things you need to do to make your odds of success better.

When I apply vinyl patches (in my case for canoe D-rings), I sand the bottom of the vinyl patch just enough to scuff into the underlying fabric and raise some fibers.

The poly mounting surface should be rough-sanded, cleaned, and then flamed according to West’s instruction.

Plan in advance how you will keep moderate pressure on the vinyl pads while the epoxy sets. G-flex takes almost a day to firm up, but keeps hardening more for at least a week. Possibly for your application you would be better off with the “pre-thickened” version of G-flex. I believe it also comes in relatively inexpensive 4 oz bottles.

People like Eric Nyre could tell you about advanced adhesives in other classes. I’m too foggy to recall the names of those adhesives now. They probably are 2 part polyurethanes.