G_K's 25 mph Current Design Kestrel

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3rd picture


displacement hull
hmmmm,needs a flatter aft end

so THAT’S the secret
…Tailwinds, of course. The way your painter is being blown forward from the bow, straight as an arrow, indicates quite a tailwind pushing you along.

What did you think I meant?


I dunno LeeG
The aft end looks fat enough…

Wrong Forum!

I know… It’s raining here too.

I knew that you’d know that.
Oops, it’s actually sunny here.

good comeback

Being driven by hot air from his rectum
As usual.

Speaking for g2d
Shouldn’t this be on the general board rather than the advice board after all it doesn’t need to be archived !

Blow smoke & then complain, Yahoo

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I bet you complain about your food while chewing too.

Sorry you chose sarcasm. Life is too short to waste that way. The picture is quite comical and made everyone laugh.

I'll delete the post tomorrow so you'll have time to add a few more comments. I'm sure g2d appreciates your help.

Hopefully you'll have s better day soon.


Bit techy today then !
Obviously having digestion problems which is where the wind originates.

As for sarcasm if you really want it then we Brits are pastmasters.

The post referring to g2d was aimed at him not you.

It stopped raining

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Obviously we view comments in different ways.

Now which way is correct?

Did you initially find my post to be in the wrong place or did you make your comment and then decide my post was in the wrong place.

I find it cute that after the addition of your off color remark to a post which you considered to be in the wrong place you are telling Brent to do his job...now I understand.

I like the "we Brits" part so now you are speaking for all of the Brits. Makes me glad to be part Scottish.

What's really your beef? Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed and there was a wall there?

When you get off your pedestal let me know and we'll go paddling.


I haven’t got a beef with you
I thought the picture was funny. The comment about hot air from your rectum was meant as a joke (English humour)

As for the comment about being on the wrong forum, that was aimed at our resident pNet board editor Mr Grumble to Death or g2d for shortness.

I believe he’s got his hands full
with a new baby. I don’t think he realizes his sleeping time is now divided into random hourly intervals.

The only title I have better than “Dad” is “Grandpa”


I give…what’s SDV?

This thread contains much Advice,
many Suggestions, and considerable General Help.

…all of it wonderfully valuable.

Glad that it meets with your approval
That will be a great relief to GK.