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Hi…my husband and I are new to kayaking, both purchasing 1 for each of us and going out on lakes in Macon, Ga about 4 timesin the past couple of months. Can anyone tell us of some easy paddling ventures that are wildlife plentiful that we could get on? We are really enjoying this new adventure and want to make the most of it. We are older so we don’t want anything too strenuous. Thanks…

Have you checked here?

Macon area
Check out this web site:

This group is based in your area and even if you choose not to join their group they will be glad to send you a newsletter. And, their web site has plenty of photos of trips in the area. The Ocmulgee is in your area. Good luck, and hope you enjoy the experience as much as my wife and I do.

lots of good paddling in GA
Near by is the Ocmulgee River. Downstream of Macon there are no shoals. There are some long stretches between access places, so do some map and guide book work. You can always paddle upstream from an access and then float back if you don’t want to shuttle with two cars.

The Oconee River downstream of Milledgeville is similar. Someone tell me that Lake Sinclair(upstream of Milledgeville) is full!(may not be accurate) Might be a nice place to visit. Lake Oconee is very nice, with the upper parts of the lake in the Oconee National Forest.

The coastal plain rivers are wonderful. You need to learn about water levels, especially with the drought. Even without the drought, coastal plain river have big seasonal flucuations.

Get “Southern Georgia Canoeing” by Bob Sehlinger and Don Otey. I hope it is still in print.

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A paddlers Guide to Southern Georgia Canoeing

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