Gaia Paddle Float

After reading the posts and comments about the Gaia Big Swell Paddle float I ordered one from Rock Creek Outfitters. One of the push-pull valves leaked so I sent it back and they sent me a new one. The new one does not have the push-pull valves. It has one way valves with a cap that you insert upside down do deflate. The instructions on the back of the package has a sticker over the old push-pull info and the stiker has info about the new valves on it.

The reason I bought Gaia was the high recomendations about the no hands push-pull valves. Gaia has not answered email and the person answering the phone didn’t know anything about the valves bring changed.

Does anyone know if Gaia stopped using the push-pull valve? The new valves still require two hands to set the valve up for deflation. Thanks.

I have one just like it. Pretty silly design, eh?

The company apparently has some upper management changes taking place and I have not been able to get a response via email or telephone. I just wanted to see if I was doing something wrong and, as you noted, the accompanying instructions are not applicable.

And I’ve already tried to deflate mine while on rough water… ain’t happenin’.

Pretty expensive camp pillow!


OK – now I know
I just didn’t get it by mistake. Salamander did similar to their tow system when they got new owners. They changed the carbiners from stainless steel, no notch gate, and a line eye to cheaper than Home Depot aluminum carbiners.

I’m not sure what I’ll do now but thanks for the reply.

Selling out (nm)

Out of the office?
Don’t know when you attempted to contact anyone at Gaia, but they might have been at the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Salt lake City last week. Could be worth giving it a try again now that the show is over.

I’ve sent several emails
to them over the last 3 weeks and there has been no response.

I’m trying to find a replacement male fastex buckle that I lost last month doing a bunch of rescue practices.

Haven’t been able to find one locally and they just ignore emails.

If they have in fact changed the valves they use and won’t respond, I’ll be going with a different brand soon.

Thanks for the info
After hearing all the good comments on this paddle float, I was planning on ordering one soon.

Guess I’ll have to decide what’s the next best option

Suggestions anyone???

seattle sports
one hand and your mouth will do hte job.

As for deflation just open it use it for support till it’s empty, then gently horizontally pass the paddle horizontally over you deck to remove it. Let the water pressure empty the float.