Gaining daylight

Whittier Alaska. Paris came out for a bit and quickly requested to go ashore.



Where’s Paris?

Where’s Paris!?!

Oh… Glad you two enjoyed an adventure in the sun. :slight_smile:

Stunning scenery.


Took her back to the room. She does not like the bounce

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Her room in the Hilton? :wink:

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:laughing: We have been spared in recent years from the (perplexing) commotion of Paris (in) Hilton.


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Whittier was a very neat visit when l was seeing people in Anchorage. I imagine this is a far better time of year to score a room there than once it is warmer?
Gorgeous shots from the water.

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Oh, no, her stance and ear position are the same as it was on the boat shot. Did she freeze solid into an ice statue???

Begich Tower. Rented a condo for the night Begich Towers - Wikipedia

Lot cheaper too

I think the coldest and darkest I could handle is the shoulder season in Alaska! I’ve only went once in summer like everyone else does. But I’ve heard the shoulder season is much less crowded and still pretty nice.

Amazing photos without doubt and one won’t see that same view in summer I bet.

We were supposed to go to Alaska again last July but covid derailed it, which I was salty about.

I once put together a winter trip in Feb on the lower Colorado River from Blythe to Yuma. We brought lots of lights, including some solar lights for around camp. The Darkness gets old. In the desert finding fuel for a fire is a challenge. We had the coldest weather of the year with frost most nights.

But we camped in some places with no light visible. Just the wild donkeys, owls, coytote choir and otters swimming by. A Blue Angel flying solo flew over our campfire and rocked his wings. A very interesting trip.

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Actually not really cold.

Very glad to have the days getting longer again. That was one of the reasons I couldn’t take living up north any more - although the cold was the primary reason. Winter sunsets are almost an hour and 20 minutes later here than they were in New England - it’s a big difference.

Of course it has been cold and gray every weekend for the past several weeks now. 80 and sunny on Friday when I was at work, mid 50s, overcast and misting yesterday and today when I planned to paddle 20 miles each day. I did, but I’m thawing now. Funny thing is the front that is stuck here in central Florida didn’t make it to the southern part of the state, so it’s still sunny/80s down in Naples and the Keys. So close, and yet so far.

Just going to say your choice of paddling partners is excellent. My 10-lb pup gets the shivers so fast, i’m not likely to take him out. Always makes me happy to see the dogs on the water!