Galapagos, worth kayaking?

Search turn up a thread or two of old post about kayaking the Galapagos Islands. But seeing it’s all guided and strictly sticking to schedule, it doesn’t strike me as what I like about kayaking: freedom and solitude.

I still would like to go there just to see the unique signts and animals. But for those who has kayaked there, is the kayaking part worth it? Or am I just as well take a cruise like everyone else and save the kayaking for some other places?

you’re never "just as well"
to take a cruise

How many days…

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did you get to kayak when you were there?

Brent Went
Brent went and did a special article on it. Its got to be here somewhere

Yes I Did
You can see my report at:

Feel free to email me directly with any specific questions.


Your mileage may vary …
I talked with a woman who had done a trip with with her sister for her 45th birthday; Her sister was a stay-at-home type that never did anything adventuresome. The kayak trip in the Galapagos was a life altering experience for her sister and turned her into a fanatic seakayaker.

I’ve paddled in lots of places where I have gone on trips close to home and in far off countries. You see the world much differently from a kayak, and you will go places you would never go on a cruise. I would say go for it.