Hello, I’m looking for a paddling trip in the Galapagos. We’ve been talking with Explorer’s Corner thanks to the story last spring. I’m wondering if anyone else has experience/information about that company. Also, if there are other companies that do similar trips. Thank you!

Explorer’s Corner
We had a great time in in the Galapagos with Explorer’s Corner as you can see in the slideshow, I can’t imagine a better way to do it. Lots of time for paddling and a very personal experience. Doubt you could beat it. Let me know if you have any questions.


Explorer’s Corner

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I've talked to Olaf, and Andy--the 75 year old man on your trip with his wife Mary Lou. It sounds amazing! I guess I'm just nervous because it's pretty expensive. Especially compared to the "regular" cruises. I'm wondering if the paddling is worth the extra money. I imagine I'd be disappointed if I were down by such beautiful islands and weren't able to paddle close to them.

Small Group Size
I’ll give you an example of the benefits of a small tour as opposed to a larger cruise boat. When we were in Alaska we motored right up to a tidewater glacier (a safe distance) and dropped the kayaks in and paddled around the ice and seals. While we were there a cruise boat came into the fjord and stopped a mile from the glacier, looked at it and turned around. Now we both saw the glacier but I can’t begin to compare the experience.

Similarly in the Galapagos we had great experiences that one could only have in a kayak. Paddling along at a steady clip and having sea lions swimming right beside us, watching the heads of sea turtles popping up around while sitting in the kayaks, …

Either way you’ll see the Galapagos but to really experience it is another thing entriely.


Booked it!
Okay, Brent, just so you know. We’ve booked the Galapagos trip with Explorer’s Corner. Exactly because of what you said in your last response–we want to really experience the islands! Thanks for including this trip on!