Galveston area - Should I stay at and paddle out of Galveston State Park or Bayou Campground

I will be in Houston for a few days with nothing but time. I will have my car with my kayak on top. I will be staying in Houston itself but can probably spend a night or two camping out by the water. The two main options appear to be Galveston State Park and a privately owned place called Bayou Campground, on Dickinson Bayou. It might be a bit much for me to try to do both so am wondering if one is a much nicer paddle than the other (or if the camping is much nicer). I imagine that if I camped at GSP, I would paddle on the bayside. I have wondered if that is the type of area though that if you don’t plan correctly, you could get stuck in the mud at low tide and have to spend several hours there. I have also wondered if Dickinson Bayou (I would paddle out to the bay from the campground) is at all scenic or mostly just featureless muddy banks. Anyway, if any one has some thoughts, they are much appreciated. Thanks.

The birds might be nesting at Sheldon State Park (NE Houston, business Hwy 90 near Sheldon). There is a rookery on the spoil islands north of the dam. Suitable for 2-4 hr paddle not camping.

I don’t know the other two parks. However that beach south from Galvanston gets more remote and can get real “empty” at night. Locals told me it was best to be with a group during the dark hours.