Galyan's Woodsman II Question

I know this canoe is made by Dagger but I don’t know what model. It is 15’. So I have it narrowed down to the Legend or Reflection. Anyone know which model? Thanks.


thought that someone here on the P_Net said the woodsman 2 was a Bell hull with different outfitting. I could be wrong though; I often am.


I also remember this boat was made by Bell. not Dagger.

I’m fairly sure Charlie’s correct. Bell was the maker of the Woodman canoe line for the now defunct Galyans. I’ve never heard of any other manufacturer making that line.

I sure do miss Galyans now that they were bought out by Dicks and turned into (shutter) just another Dicks… A Dicks is a Dicks is a Dicks… Sad.