Galyans Woodsman III, aka Bell Northwind

I just committed to buy a Galyan’s Woodsman III, which is essentially a rebranded Bell Royalex Northwind at 16.5’ and 62 lbs. It looks to be in very good shape and only has the usual scratches. I’m paying $400, nine hours of driving and about $85 in gas. This is a good (but not great) deal—right?

If it was closer
I’d tell you you were getting screwed and then go buy it myself.


Excellent Deal
I was looking at it myself, but loooong drive. I hated the “Cheesy” metal hangers Bell used in some of their boats, but some folks don’t mind them. I’d pay $600-700 bucks for it if it’s in good condition. I think if you don’t like it, you can recoup your cash and gas money with no problem?

Pretty good deal
I have done volunteer work for a nature society that runs day canoe trips. They have a couple of Woodsman IIIs in their fleet. It is a nice hull.

The Woodsman III boats that I have seen have lesser quality synthetic gunwales than the Bell boats I have seen. Be careful not to overtighten the machine screws supporting thwarts and seat hangers. They can break right through the top of the gunwale.

Galyan’s Woodsman II Not All Bells

– Last Updated: Apr-24-14 8:01 PM EST –

I thought ALL Galyan's canoes were made by Bell; I was certain all the Woodsman II were the Morningstar and Woodsman III were the Northwind? I jumped on what I THOUGHT was a re-badged Morningstar only to find Dagger deck plates, a VIN that starts "DAQ" and NO shouldered tumblehome. I'm pretty certain it's a re-badged Dagger Suwanee? I owned a Suwanee for several years and would bet that's what I have? Darn good deal on a royalex boat, just not the deal I THOUGHT I was getting!

Galyans/Bell Canoe
I just got one of the Galyan/Bell 15’6 canoes. Definitely a Bell, has Bell stickers and double checked the serial number. I believe this is the Morningstar, is that correct? At least that’s what I can see from all the posts. Its in beautiful condition!