Garage canoe/yak rack ideas help!

Looking to build a rack in the garage to hold a 16+ canoe and kayak…one atop the other against the wall. I do NOT want to hang above on a pully etc but to make a rack. Wondering if you have any ideas, photos or plans you can help with?

I’ve seen one rack made of plumming pvc–angled pipes to hold the canoes etc.

ALL info will be appreciated.



I hang four boats on each side of …
our boat barn, and several more in the middle.

The quickest and easiest is using flat 1/4" metal stock, bent at an angle.

Drill a couple of holes in it, and lag bolt it to the studs.

Another method I have used is to cut out a few gussett plates out of plywood and attach a piece of hardwood between them that cantilevers out to support your boat. Screw each of the gusset plates into the side of a stud.

Get innovative with any scrap material you have lying around.

Jack L

thanks so far for the info
i dont have a lot of tools…basics etc.

I like the “Moose Rack” advertised here on pnet…anyone use one? how about for canoes?

Talic + DIY
This is a setup that holds 2 boats, without attaching anything to the brick wall (rental). I used two Talic kayak holders bolted onto a free standing 2x3 frame. It’s two studs, a couple of plates at the top screwed to the ceiling joists to hold them in place, with a horizontal brace at mid-height. The Talics are bolted directly to the studs.

More photos:

Big honkin shelf brackets
from Home Depot with foam rack saddles on them work great. I have 2 sets in my shed.

I think the brackets I got are at least 20 inches, and they’re rated to hold over 100 lbs each. Cheap and easy.

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I simply bought a couple of heavy duty shelfing brackets from lowes. I installed the bracket to the wall (use heavy duty decking or cabinet screws) and attached a 2X4 (cut to the length that i needed) to the bracket. I then used two 90 degree angled simpons strong ties on each bracket to add extra strength to keep the bracket and the 2x4 attached to the wall.

you got photos of this?

Water pipe

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Very sturdy. 1/2" galvanized water pipe screwed into a floor flange mounted on a stud or post. Use 45* elbow and a 6" pipe to make the "J". Been using it for years.
pool noodle for cushion.

For canoe I used a longer straight pipe and a swing chain on the end to secure to the upper rafter or you could go to the kayak above.
I have pics if you wanna see.