Garage ceiling storage for Old Town Loon 120

I’m waiting on the arrival of my Old town Loon 120 (54 pounds) and need to have something in place in my garage when it gets here. My only option is to suspend the kayak from the ceiling which measures approximately 9’ 7" floor to ceiling and there will be a car parked underneath or if I can get it high enough, over a Ford van. Ideally, over the van is preferred but I would only have 24" from ceiling to top of garage door so am guessing 21 inches to work with and 3 inches to spare. I could also go sideways in my garage which would allow more floor to ceiling clearance with the only disadvantage of having to move both vehicles out whenever I’m accessing the kayak. Sure would appreciate any advice on hoist kits that are out on the market or any DIY ideas.

Review this thread:

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Easy to DIY a hoist. Unfortunately I have no photos but my Dad and I built a hoist in the garage of their house in NH many years ago, originally for a 25’, 31 lb. rowing shell, it now holds a plastic WS Tempest 165 that weighs about the same as your Loon. You’ll have plenty of room but you might need to experiment with how the boat is held, and keep the “stack height” of the blocks (pulleys) low - you can offset them if needed (I have a 2:1 purchase on the hoist). We bought a few eye bolts and used leftover sailboat blocks and a cleat, but everything you need can be found at the hardware store. If you have a local marine consignment shop you might be able to pick up some nicer parts cheap.


thank you

You should definitely look at the linked thread, but there was ready-made item at Home Depot that I thought looked good. It was by RAD Sportz, easy to find.

I use a system mfg’d by Harken similar to a sailboat’s main sheet tackle. Mine is an 8:1 purchase.

If you want something simple and cheap, Amazon has these kits for sale.

Can you hang the boat crosswise to the cars toward the back of the garage? Makes it less of a hassle if the door can be open, and you can hang it lower.