garage hoists

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I am considering a hoist for my Yak. I read the reviews of Harken. I like the stop feature of the pulleys but am still considering making my own. Does anyone have any other suggestions on manufacturers? Couldn't find info on the LLBean web site. Thanks for the input.

I got mine from Harbor Freight for $13 for a pair! They work great! Just be sure to support your kayak in the middle also not just from both ends. I use a couple of tiedown straps that hang from the rafters of my garage and go under the hull.


I have two Harken Hoisters…
…installed in my garage for my rowing shell and my kayak. The positives: easy easy easy to raise and lower solo (important for a woman like me and important to not dread having a system that is a hassle to use, so then the boat doesn’t get out as often), Harken name is one of the best in sailing hardware, quality product, secure and simple, all the parts are there and tested.

Negatives: takes a bit of time and head scratching to install on a drywalled ceiling, price is more than the other guys, although I found the best deal on ebay from CityStop (you can also find them on the web).

All in all, after over a year of use, I would not trade it for anything else! I tried my own system of pulleys from the hardware store, and there was just too much resistance raising and lowering the boat.

IMHO putting out the $$ up front was well worth it with this. I don’t have to mess with a thing, and the boats are ready to go at a moments notice.


has similar hoists for about $55.00. They have the stops too.

I second Kyle’s assessment.

good hardware store works too
Don’t need a kaya phd to DIY. Most good hardware stores have pulleys and nylon ropes and hooks. I simply bolted up a three pulley reduction system and was half the money of the pre-made systems. We use it for our kayaks and our canoe too.

Way easier to just lower in onto roof and go or raise one foot and it is off the car.

More time paddling.


Campmor Hoists
I just finished installing the Campmor hoists yesterday. Used 2 utility straps with hooks around the kayaks. Eye of the hook assembly was attached to the hooks on the hoist. I was worried about head clearance, but I have a good six inches. I’m very pleased with the results.

great input
I appreciate all the input. I was leaning toward the Harken. With Paddling Perks I’d get a bike hoist too. Then I looked at citystop at Kyle’s suggestion and they are selling it for $30.00 less than Harken. Whats the deal? Thanks to all for helping.

My pleasure. I don’t know…
…why CityStop sells theirs so cheaply, but I had great service and fast shipping from them.

Good luck in whatever way you choose to go!