Garbage In, Garbage Out

Starting over the Memorial Day weekend I started seeing a LOT of Bud Light cans on the river. Fortunately around the same time the St Joseph river started calming down enough to let me approach logjams to grab trash.

I keep wondering why always Bud Light? Should I be angry? Should I buy stock?

Then I realize that maybe the Bud Light screw top cans are the only ones that float. I’m grateful to the folks that screw the tops back on.

Hardly got anything today so a 4 mile stretch of the St Joseph near my house is finally looking pretty good again like it does most of the year.


Nice work!


Thanks for picking up the trash!

Props for picking it up, Tom. A pox on the pigs who trash the environment.

Best selling beer in the world correlates to lots of trash.

People are pigs look at the roads around NYC it’s mind bending.

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Aye aye captain!

Any chance you could remove the jinx you put on me about having a tree fall on me? It was breezy today and I had a very small branch (maybe 18 inches long) from some very tall tree fall right into the boat with me. No big deal but I thought of you. Again. :wink:

Yikes! Stay away from those trees! We’ve had strong winds which brought down two more trees here at the lake. One came down across a homeowner’s deck.

Trees keep falling.
Always falling.
Chicken Little’s botantical stars.

These movers. These shakers.
These soon out-of-a-limb widowmakers.
May gravitas be galaxy far afar.