Garmin 305

My Garmin 101 has bit the dust and I can`t paddle without one.

I was wondering if anyone has the Garmin 305 and how they like and how well it holds up with water?

When you paddle alone the GPS keeps my pace up and pushes me

Hand Helds

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I would go with one of the hand held GPS units over the 301. They have a bigger screen, are waterproof and can be configured with the same data screens while also being expanded with maps. I own a 60 CSx, Edge 301 and a TomTom 720. I use the 60 CSx with topo maps for kayaking.

All of the Garmin units listed (both by you and by Maximus) are rated as IPX7, which is a dustproof rating. So all should have about the same level of waterproof-ness. Note - the first true waterproof rating is IPX8 - IPX7 is at best splashproof, and even then it may not survive.

I would be surprised if the Tom Tom unit is as good as IPX7.

The TomTom leaks like a sieve and is used in car only. My 60CSx has been dunked multiple times with no issue. I would bet it was the most waterproof of all the units mentioned.

Garmin 305
My Foretrex 101 is also dying due to water infiltration into the battery compartment. While I don’t have personal experience with the 305, a friend has one and has used it extensively for ocean racing over the past couple of years with no problems at all. It is rechargeable so there is no battery door to leak and the USB connection is via fingers on the outside of the case rather than a rubber-plugged port which will always leak. I’m seriously considering picking one up myself.

I’ve had the 305 since the day they came out and haven’t had any problems. actually I treat mine somewhat poorly, leaving it attached to my surfski footstrap 24/7, except to recharge it. no water problems and it certainly gets wet every time I paddle. it has survived some serious wrecking in the ocean (wash it off pronto if you go out on salt water), and even an extended swim (attached to my wrist) when I tipped my K1 in the middle of the lake.

then again, I’ve read reports of people who have replaced them several times… Don’t know how they are doing the damage…must be dropping them or carrying them in the bottom of their gear bag or something.

The 201 is rechargeable
the 101 uses AAA batteries. I’m sure that was just a typo.

Garmin 201
Yes, the 201 would be another option as it eliminates the leaky battery door.