Garmin 60Csx to the new OregonT???

I am considering selling my 60Csx and buying the new Oregon T. Checked out a few reviews on REI and Amazon and some were quite harsh on the Oregon. Anybody have the Oregon and can comment on whether it is a worthwhile change. Thanks.

Bad idea
The 60CSX is probably the best all around hand held unit today. If you own one and are familiar with its capabilities, you will be very disappointed with the Oregon. VERY disappointed.

If you are a new GPS user and not aware of what a 60CSX can do you may be very happy with an Oregon.


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I have been looking at these units and had decided on the 60CSX. Seems to be an all round better unit.

Have written to them about map software for the Brazilian coastline. Haven't heard anything yet.


Thanks but I think calling them maybe
better. They have really good support either way.

Oregon 300
I have an Oregon 300 and like it just fine. It is my first gps, and I do use it “just” for basic navigation when hiking, kayaking, and geocaching. It is incredibly user friendly, and while the screen is a bit dim, it is more than usable with a tilt of the hand. The 60 has an excellent rep, but imho the Oregon is a nice unit, and the touch screen is a dream to use as an interface.


Delorme PN-40
I chose this one as my Christmas present from my g/f. It has arrived but it isn’t Christmas yet. There were reasons I chose it over the Garmin, mostly related to ease of using outside data with it.

But then again, I have been working with GIS systems for work for 20 years. So I am picky.


Mt. Pleasant, SC

WS Tempest 170 plastic

Epic 18x or 16x (dream 1)

Warren Little Wing 16 (dream 2)

Delorme PN-40
Where is a good review that matches a Garmin against a Delorme PN-40?

GPS Reviews
Well, not head-to-head comparisons but here is a link to reviews from the same source.