Garmin 60csx vs 76csx

So, besides that the 76csx floats and that they two units are laid out differently, are there any real differences between the 60csx and 76csx. Any real functionality difference that would make one more desirable than the other?


Well, yes
The 76 has the slightly better screen, and it comes with twice the memory.

But the biggest thing is that the 76 is easier to operate one-handed, IMO.

micro SDs
The 76 seems to come with a larger micro SD, but many people recommend upgrading these. Does anyone know what max size micro SD card these can take? I checked the manual online, but couldn’t find the data.

Don’t know the max…
…but the older 76c without expandable memory had 128 megs - same as what comes with the new 76csx. Mine has almost all of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington in Topo right now, and still has room for more. I wouldn’t worry about having enough, unless a pretty major trip is in order. Even then, you can buy additional pre-loaded cards if necessary.

I have a 76CSx. I replaced the 128meg micro sd card with a 1 gig and it works great. I think it’ll take up to a 2 gig card, but Garmin recommends a 1 gig per the tech I spoke with before buying the unit.

It works great in the kayak, bike and car. It gets the satellites quick,gives good directions and can be operated one handed very easily. Plus it is water proof having been splashed many times and keeps on working.

I did compare the 60csx to the 76csx when I was ready to buy and chose the 76CSx.

Plus it works great while geocaching and hiking with the boy scouts, etc.

GPSMap 76-series IS better
The 76 series is better than the 60 series in one other respect as well: It has tide tables built in! You don’t even need to buy Bluecharts (Garmin’s in-house line of nautical charts) to use them. This is a HUGELY useful feature to have when paddling.


Both the 60 and 76 series…
have tide tables. At least my venerable 60c does. Also my old 60c floats when I use lithium batteries. Well, it did in the sink. Don’t plan to intentionally give it a real world test:)

Tide Tables?
How do you access the tide tables? Which menu?


In response to…
…your original question about tide tables, I went to the Garmin site and looked up the feature sets for the 60CSx and the 70CSx. The Garmin site claims that they both have tide tables.

So… I down loaded the 60CSx user manual and whaddaya know, I couldn’t find any reference to tide tables.


No Tide Table in 60CSx
My 60CSx does not have a tide table - and its not listed in 60CSx manual, while it is listed in the 76CSx manual.

To clarify a few points …

The displays of the 60 & 76 are virtually identical.

They both have the same helix antenna.

The 60 has an external antenna jack - the 76 does not.

The “guts” are virtually identical.

The 60 & 76 both use a microSD card. The 60’s lies flat under the batteries. The 76 uses a push-in card slot.

Garmin recommends NOT using lithiums in either - due to a voltage issue.

Here is a great visual comparison:

antenna jack

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When did Garmin stop putting the antenna jack in the 76 series?

Nevermind. I looked at the linked photos, and the jack is clearly there on the 76. I will assume that was an honest mistake on your part.

BTW - from what I've read about lithium batteries, you don't want to use them anywhere they might possibly get wet.