Garmin Blue Chart Americas

I have a Garmin map76 gps. I have been looking at the blue chart software information available on the Garmin site. Does anyone use this software?

I have noted that the standard mapping that comes with the map76 is not always accurate. There have been times when looking at the map on the gps while paddling I see myself paddling on dry land. The gps is very accurate and shows the location correctly as compared with known points like a fixed bouy. The standard maps are not so accurate.

Are the charts provided with blue chart, (higher resolution), more accurate as used with the map76 gps? Do you like the blue chart software?



Hey Mark
Yes, I got the Atlantic Blue Chart CD. It provides MUCH more detail. Even tells you where church steeples are.

A year or two back, Ken, Nelson, and I were in a salt marsh in Core Sound that was like a maze. I was the hot stuff 'cause I could see on the GPS which way to go.

Blue Charts
Mark - I use the Blue Charts and like them. You can toggle back and forth between their ‘City North America’ Street Maps, Topos & Charts. If you mark a waypoint on one it will show up and be in the same location on the others. Here is a sampling of their Blue Charts.