garmin colorado--any thoughts

i would like to buy a gps–any advice u can give about the new colorado series–thanks–phil

I have a Garmin 60Csx
and I really like it, but have no experience with the Colorado. You can check out Amazon for customer reviews here:

or you can go to Geocaching and search the forums for info here:

Hope this helps.

i thought about a colorado series

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but after reading many reviews i did not buy one. they are a new series and many people claim that garmin put them out to early without working out all of the bugs. i went with the garmin venture etrex. but check out the aboved refrenced groundspeak.

Also check the reviews at REI…

Users there are also indicating that Garmin’s latest offering is “Not quite ready for prime time”.

I was considering one, but will hold off until they work the bugs out.

same here
the reason for it is the value in the pre-loaded software maps/charts,if people are saying it’s got software problems that’s the whole package. If it works it’s a screaming deal. If it doesn’t,it’s a gold plated glitch.

darn, thats the one i was gonna what?

wait for the glitches to get fixed
I went ahead and got a 76scx but the Colorado looks like it’s got a lot going for it