Garmin E-Trex Legend?

Anyone have any experience with the Garmin E-Trex Legend handheld GPS? Pros/Cons? Any better options in the same $$$ range? Thanks!

I’ve had one for years. It’s water proof, I just loop the lanyard to my deck bungies so when it falls overboard it can be retrived. It had the most features for my useage at the time I got mine. You can operate it with one gloved hand if need be.

Got one
I’ve used for last 3 years. A nice unit for the money. Easy to operate. Add on maps from Garmin’s Mapsource Topo.

Probably doesn’t matter to much paddling, but the newer Garmins with the newer chipset (Sirf Star III) has much better pickup/reception in the woods than the older models do. This alone might make it worth it to buy a newer model. However, paddling typically being on water is probably moot. But just a heads up.


I love mine,! :slight_smile:
I have had mine for about 3 years. A great piece of equipment for a reasonable price! I use mine in the Kayak and in the car.

Just a little hint for you if you buy one. Under the black flap on the back are the contacts if you hook it up to a computer. Smear a little vasaline on those contacts and under the flap, as this will keep them from corroding if/when they get wet.

Also, smear a little vasaline around the edge of the battery compartment lid. This helps keep any water out if you dunk it. They could not make the battery compartment completely water proof, as batteries give off gases as you use them, so the gasses have to be able to escape. I have dunked mine a couple of times with no problems.

Great unit, and the screen is changeable to suit your needs,

I think I did a review here on mine. Look for the reviews on this item, you will be pleased at what you find.


Thanks for the link…
to the old post…lots of good info.