Garmin eTrex Vista C

Anyone out there have one? How does it compare with others? Color display easy to read in sunshine?


Good GPS Info Site

Garmin’s Etrex Legend review
I am interested in racing/training. I strap the gps onto the back and review the numbers only when I am done. Legend has page that you can arrange any way you want. On this page I have Total time, Moving time (it stops when you stop) current speed, total average speed, average speed while moving (doesn’t count your breaks), miles paddled (even if your going in circles), elevation, and others. As with most portables, it is water resistant (I hear the battery compartment is the weak spot here). It sells for between $139. and $169. It has maps of most major streets, and most towns. I strap it on the back, because the antenna can’t penetrate the kevlar (Thunderbolt). Not exactly what you asked for, but hope it helps. Cliff