Garmin GPS 76

I can receive a Garmin GPS 76 as a 25 year service anniversary gift from my employer. i see that this unit is not color, and it doesn’t seem to show too detailed a map. Would this unit be good for showing distance paddled, speed, etc? Can you get it to show maps?

yes and yes

It’s Bluechart compatible.

If It Is a Map76
Garmin made several units in the 76 series. I use the map76 unit and it does fine with showing speed, distance, and general navigation. I bought the bluechart software for my area and it shows the same information as you see on a NOAA chart. You can also use the mapchart software which comes with the bluechart software to make routes, set waypoints, save routes, and upload download info to the gps. I find that manipulating info using the computer is easier than with the buttons on the gps, (but you can do all that directly).

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Not a Map76
It is listed as Garmin GPS 76

No Experience
I have never seen a GPS 76 but I just looked quickly at the Garmin site. The GPS 76 has 1MB memory as compared with the Map76 8MB. Bluechart software that I use will not work with the GPS 76, but the marine points software will work. All of the time distance data is available on the GPS 76. So, as your original post asked, yes your speed, time, and distance will be fine. Some of the optional software packages will not be compatable.