garmin gps and tide tables...

hi all,

a friend suggested i look at the garmin legend series gps gadget. it looks to have everything i want…except tide tables. does anyone know if they van be downloaded, like additional maps can?

alternatively, does anyone know of a gps that has capability for water, road and trail maps worldwide and tide tables?

note to jackl and markinnc…

hi guys, ltns! i know at least one of you had a gps at bear island with tide tables and channel markers. what kind was that?



Garmin’s MAP76
does tide tables. You can buy chips for detailed this and that. I bought the coastal detail. Don’t know about roads and trails. Check out their site.

I dont think any of the Legend series
have tide tables.

My Dakota ( and there are other series too that have even more functions) has tide tables a ww basemap and the ability to handle microSHD cards which I have a series of for various areas. Topo maps of the entire world would take quite a few. I have all of Canada on two of them…one should have worked but the unit choked on that big a meal

Have a looksee at the Garmin site.

Second that

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the Garmin Map 76 has them as good as it gets.
You can call them up by place/date, etc, or you can call up the closest.
Then they give you a chart which will show the graph with times and heights, and on the chart there is a line for mean low and high, so you can see if on a given day the high, might be high-high and the low a low- low.
When we are in the ocean or the florida Keys, we use it daily and it is a great tool.

Yes it also has all the channel markers for wherver there is a channel

Jack L

Did I miss the mark by getting the 76 csx??

I was able to unlock a couple of blue Charts for big $$

and some topo etc

but did I miss the chance to get one that gives me the tides (in my case N.E. and Quebec)?

We have used ours up on the south
shore of Mass. for the past few years, and yes have got the tides whenever and were ever we want to.


There are tide tables in there somewhere
I had a friend I paddled the Glades with.IIRC thats what he had.

He spent alot of time pushing buttons and found the tide tables. Somehow.

Then forgot how he got there. Damn those too smart machines.

Click on “Marine Points”

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on the "Find" page. That's where the tide info is on my GPS.

(mine says "marine" until you highlight it, then it says "marine points".)

well ,well
Boy that was easy. Mine shows a fork and a spoon above Marine points

then when I used to click on it it would be set for “wrecks/obstructions”

the words completely covering the “Tide Station” words.

Wow only been using it about a year. I would get my tides off a web site

So now…

Tide station shows me the time of day…the graph and at the bottom the numbers 12 6 12 6 12

Right now it reads almost dead low tide at Augusta ME 9:23pm

if I want to know the tide for 11:30 tonight do I need to do a math equation or does it just tell me.

I see where I can change the date but not the time.

Or am I just

“Thick as a Brick”


Fork and spoon?
That must be so you know when to get those clams at low tide.

Another vote for the GPSMAP 76
The paddler’s GPS.

Waterproof, floats, downloadable street maps and topo maps, tide tables, compass and altimeter (in the X series).

Mount mine on a dashboard beanbag in my vehicles and in the same kind of receptacle glued on my canoe thwarts and va’a footwell.

The tide station stuff actually drives me crazy when driving up and down the coasts. At the 5 and 8 mile map resolutions, those tide station squiggle symbols clutter up the entire screen. Wish I knew how to turn them off. But I think you can get to the tide table by just pointing and clicking on the symbol, in addition to going through the Marine Points screen.

found it
Yup, I was 'thick as a brick"

I found you can change the time by moving the grid lines right or left. (you get there in the Marine Points…Tide Stations… option menu, move cursor)

Very user friendly.

12 6 12 6 12

the 12 represents high tide

6 represents low tide

if the numbers are in black it represents night

…that’s my understanding of how it is working at least…

Good idea to Compare
your garmin tide chart to other published tide charts for the areas your paddling, I did this the first time for our 2009 paddling trip and found the variance was too great for my comfort so I used the published Canadian tide charts I found online. I’ve owned my map 76cs since 2005 and love the tide feature, not sure if the predictions changed over the years because I never noticed a problem with the Garmin tides on previous BC trips?

Dave R

I have the Vista HCx and never even thought to look for the tide tables feature! it’s there!

any more input on this?
as, obviously, i don’t yet have a gps with which to compare online data.

thanks, everyone…
for your input on this. i’ve begun comparing other lines in the garmin stab…errr, marina, as it were.

i kinda like the 76cx and csx as i want it for roads as well and these offer turn-by-turn instruction–just in case i ever want someone to talk to on a road trip ;-).

You want a lot of memory
I have a 5 year old 76cs, which only has about 112 mb of fixed memory. Can’t add any more. That’s not enough for road and topo maps even for the entire state of Florida, for example. Hence, as I travel around North America, I have to download different map sets from a computer.

The newer models take memory cards in the gig ranges. Get one of those, so you can load in road and topo maps for the entire country.