Garmin GPS help choosing the model

Another GPS question.

I am in the process of buying a GPS unit and although I’ve been reading about it, I would like to have some users’ opinions before the purchase.

I am in doubt between the Garmin GPSMAP 60 and the GPSMAP 76. The price is about the same, the 60 has more memory (three times more memory) and a quad helix antenna, the 76 has built in tide tables.

I am inclined towards the 60, but this tides feature on the 76 makes me itch. Is it possible to buy any software with this feature?

Any other input about these models? Any other model/brand in the $250.00 ball park that’s comparable?



I Have The 76
The tide feature is great. I was concerned about the memory when I added some Atlantic Blue Chart data. I didn’t think I’d get all the maps that I wanted onto the unit. I was happy when I found out I could get more maps than I’d actually use on it.

If I’m not mistaken, I could erase data that I don’t use and add more that I need. So far I’ve had no need. Totally happy with the 76.

There are decent free tide plotters

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on the net but ther is nothing like pulling it up when you are running late while the boat is getting packed,

I'm too tired to do this reasearch now but help will come, no doubt. sleeptime

We have the 76
and that tide feature has come in handy a bunch of times, especially in areas like Alaska where you have tremendously high tides, and no local place to get a tide chart.

It has also helped a lot in the coastal marshes where if you run out of water you can end up sitting and waiting a few hours to get floating again.



76 has quad helix antenna

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run a product comparison on the garmin site and you will see the specification.

Also I like the big high-resolution display.