Garmin Maps: Need input on where to buy

-- Last Updated: Sep-22-07 10:16 AM EST --

I am the closest I have been in getting the Garmin 60csx. I would prefer the 76 but there is a $50 rebate on the 60. I would purchase the Topo and maybe the city navigator.

Favorite vendor could be based on price or other preference.


Same innards…
Well - almost…

The 60c and the 76c use the same screen and the specs are about the same - so I’d go with the price break. Although, I think the buttons are easier to manipulate on the 76c.

Best price I’ve seen for the map software has been on ebay - unless you can find it on sale. That’s where I got mine. Stick with factory new in wrapper from the highest rated sellers and you should be safe. Usually there are several vendors that sell for around $75.

7-Series Floats
6 does not. Both are “waterproof”.

I have the 60csx and got the US topo directly from Garmin. I didn’t know it could be found cheaper elsewhere!

I got my US Topo cd for half price through

Buy both together and you can save some good bucks.

had the best price at the time.

City navigator
How many of you put the city navigator software on the Garmin handhelds and use it for directions in the car? If I am not mistaken these handhelds do not have voice capability so I guess you have to keep an eye on the gps to find out when to turn. Thanks.

Garmin ETrex Venture CX
I have the Etrex Venture CX and use it in the car frequently. While it doesn’t have the voice feature, it does have a tone that alerts you when a turn is coming up, and again when you are at the point where you need to turn. Also, the screen display will zoom in and an arrow shows you exactly how the turn is made (for example, at a cloverleaf intersection). Not as nice as the dedicated in-vehicle units, but very useful. Note that the Venture CX does its own routing (i.e., pick a waypoint, tell it “go to”, and it calculates the route, and will recalculate if you detour off the original route). I don’t know how any other models might work, especially if they do not auto-route.

I have a 60Csx
and I use both City Navigator Ver.8 and US Topo. I use mine in the Jeep (both on and off road) hiking, cycling and kayaking. Be aware that even though you may have both map sets loaded, you can’t “overlay” (see them both at the same time). They can be toggled off and on without too much effort though and I’m glad I have both sets.

check ebay