Garmin Nuvi 500

Has anyone tried the Garmin Nuvi 500 for boating? It appears to be one of the few in the Nuvi series that is IPX7. I like the idea of a larger screen as the small screen models are hard for me to read without reading glasses :frowning:

I would also like to have a single unit for vehicle, boating and hiking, so the Nuvi is appealing in that regard.



Is it waterproof?

IPX7 Waterproof NM

How About a Link?
I’m not seeing this model on Garmin’s site.


I thought it looked pretty good until
… I saw it uses a rechargeable battery. That would be an instant deal killer for me.

But it is removable
so you could carry a spare.

No thanks
I’ll stick with my Map 76CSX. I use it in the car all the time sitting in a Garmin stand.

What Clarion sez…
Except I use a 60 Csx.

Clarion points out something that really bothers me about GPS…the fact that they use batteries. Don’t get me wrong, I use GPS but I still use and practice my basic navigation skills with map and compass. I always carry a compass and map, as well as a GPS unit.

We are in danger of losing, or worse yet, not learning at all the basic navigation skills we have been able to depend upon reliably until the last 20 years or so. Remember, GPS uses batteries which are subject to going dead at the most inopportune time…Murphy says: “if it can go wrong, it will”. We may find ourselves in a place where satellite reception is nil, or iffy at best, yet be in a position where we really NEED that information.

There is also the USER factor…forgetting to program in the starting point, forgetting spare batteries, going off on the the grand adventure with a new unit we are not truly conversant with.

My point is this: do not go into unfamiliar territory without a map AND compass, in addition to your little marvel of engineering. Learn basic land and water navigation, your LIFE may depend upon it.

I always print out the directions
so I have them with me even when using my GPS. (talking on the road here, I have yet to kayak where I need to navigate)

Naturally I’m talking about wilderness travel in unfamiliar places. Worst thing that can happen on the road as it relates to a GPS is the thing will quit functioning and you have to stop and ask directions. In any case, it won’t hurt to have a current road map or atlas in your car.

Food for thought: Those footsteps you hear behind you belong to Murphy, making sure his laws are obeyed. LOL

Not Ready for Prime Time
Upon reading several reviews of this unit I have decided it is not ready for prime time. Maybe the next generation of crossover units will be acceptable, but this one leaves too much to be desired in the hiking/boating component. My primary use if for vehicle navigation and I will likely choose another Nuvi model for this and forego a GPS unit for the kayak for a while.

What I do like is the large touch screen control. It is very easy to read and works well for vehicle navigation, but the hiking features just aren’t good enough.

Thanks to all who responded and to BigBruce, you make very good points. I’m well versed in GPS technology and have been using professional series GPS units sine 1993 (when the constellation of satellites was four). I well know about the pitfalls of relying exclusively on GPS for navigation and about battery power issues.

GPS remains an excellent tool however, and one I would not be without in some instances (nor would I be without a compass). Some day I will buy one for personal use for hiking and kayaking!