Garmin Oregon 400C - WM has them on-sale

If anyone is in the market for a nice GPS, I noticed that West Marine has the Oregon 400C on-sale for $299. That’s $200 of MSRP and a price that’s below the refurbished (newly overhauled) units that you can find on ebay.

Here’s a review, , obviously written by someone who sells them and a review here of the 400t which is the same gps but with a different map set. “T” designates topo maps and the “C” in the one on-sale designates it’s loaded with Garmin’s BlueChart g2 coastal charts.

You can see some prices here: West Marine is listed and the only one below their price is for a refurbished unit. There’s another unrated dealer who has the same price as WM but isn’t rated.

Hope this helps someone in the market for a GPS.